Sonic Branding & Music Strategy

20 Years of

An Interview with CEO & Founder Hans Brouwer

Born in 2000, MassiveMusic is celebrating 20 years in 2020. Take a trip down memory lane with this interview with CEO & Founder Hans Brouwer.

20 Years of<br>MassiveMusic<br>MM = XX in MMXX

got2b: No

Music Production & Composition

Connecting with Gen Z in a way that captures attention through attractive visuals and a reflectively bold sound. Here's the sound behind got2b product launch.

got2b: No<br>Dripping

The Sound of
UEFA Europa

Sonic Branding & Music Strategy

A modern classical anthem that football fans can engage with as part of UEFA Europa League's refreshed brand identity.

The Sound of <br>UEFA Europa<br>League

A Conversation
with Tom

Sound and the Environment: A Mindful Approach

A Music x Mind conversation with Functional Music Composer and Sleep Coach Tom Middleton on the healing power of music.

A Conversation<br>with Tom <br>Middleton

The Sound
of RTA

Sonic Branding & Music Strategy

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority

RTA literally keeps Dubai moving. Here's why it’s important for a transportation company like RTA to have an ownable sonic branding strategy.

The Sound <br>of RTA


Sonic Branding & Music Strategy

Music Activation

Scan the Spotify code on the latest blue stickers and you’ll be redirected to 5 different playlists curated by yours truly. They also include 5 remixes of Chiquita’s iconic jingle.


The Sound
Of O2

Sonic Branding & Music Strategy

MassiveMusic brings O2's sonic brand identity to life. A highly adaptive sonic ecosystem inspired by the breath we take right before we act.

The Sound<br>Of O2

The Sound
of Philips

Sonic Branding & Music Strategy

A breakthrough sonic identity captured by the sound of Philips' most iconic product: the lightbulb.

The Sound<br>of Philips