An Interview
with Yuri Suzuki

On the inextricable link between music and design

A fascinating dive into the mind of Pentagram's Yuri Suzuki as he discusses the special romance between music and design.

An Interview<br>with Yuri Suzuki

Milka: The
Unsung Hero

Music Production & Composition

Music composition, production, rerecording and on-set music direction: here's our revisited kids choir version of ‘You've Got the Love’.

Milka: The <br>Unsung Hero

KLM: To More

Music Production & Composition


A modern classical atmospheric piano piece composed by Joep Beving and produced by MassiveMusic. Happy 100th birthday, KLM.

KLM: To More <br>Memories<br>Together

A Brief
History of
Sonic Branding

A deep dive into the roots and future of brand sound

Started from the bottom, now we’re here, but how did Sonic Branding begin and where will it go?

A Brief <br>History of<br>Sonic Branding

Oreo: Home
Sweet Home

Music Production & Composition


feat. Becky G

MassiveMusic New York's reggaeton-infused beat featuring popstar Becky G.

Oreo: Home<br>Sweet Home

Sound of Rum

Music Production & Composition


Rhythm perception and movement synchronisation to music: here's how we created Bacardi's Sound of Rum from the sounds recorded on set.

Bacardi:<br>Sound of Rum

The Sound of
UEFA Europa

Sonic Branding & Music Strategy

A modern classical anthem that football fans can engage with as part of UEFA Europa League's refreshed brand identity.

The Sound of <br>UEFA Europa<br>League

The Sound
of Philips

Sonic Branding & Music Strategy

A breakthrough sonic identity captured by the sound of Philips' most iconic product: the lightbulb.

The Sound<br>of Philips