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An Interview
with Thomas

Why a short movie needs a cohesive soundtrack (and a very long title)

Symbolism, music and emotional release: we talked about this and much more with director Thomas Nuijten after working on the music for his short film ‘Hanging Around Isn't Going to Make Anything Happen’.

Ilaria Mangiardi An Interview<br>with Thomas<br>Nuijten

Drive the Sound
of Your Brand
with MassiveBASS

The World's First Data-Driven Sonic Branding Tool

The world's first data-driven sonic branding tool that matches brand archetypes and values to music.

MassiveMusic Drive the Sound<br>of Your Brand<br>with MassiveBASS

We Need More
Women in the
Music Industry

#ChooseToChallenge: 18 Tips from the Women of MassiveMusic

The women of MassiveMusic challenge the music industry on why we need more women in music – and what we can do to make it happen.

Ilaria Mangiardi We Need More<br>Women in the<br>Music Industry

A Cup of
Coffee with
Junya Terui

Managing Director / Executive Producer, MassiveMusic Tokyo

MassiveMusic Tokyo’s Managing Director and Executive Producer Junya Terui spills all the (coffee) beans on music and the Japanese landscape of the future. But first, coffee.

Ilaria Mangiardi A Cup of<br>Coffee with<br>Junya Terui

A Conversation
with Tom

Sound and the Environment: A Mindful Approach

A Music x Mind conversation with Functional Music Composer and Sleep Coach Tom Middleton on the healing power of music.

MassiveMusic A Conversation<br>with Tom <br>Middleton

We Wish You
A Massive
Little Xmas

Celebrating the (extra)ordinary people from our local communities

This Christmas, let's celebrate and praise the (extra)ordinary people that live in our surroundings and who are part of our local communities.

MassiveMusic We Wish You<br>A Massive<br>Little Xmas