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A spicy conversation with Shai Hirschson & Gordian Gleiß

The perfect in-between. The hybrid music agency you didn't know you needed. GINGER x MassiveMusic opens its doors in Berlin.

Ilaria Mangiardi

On Combining Music and Film Craft

A conversation with award-winning director Matthijs van Heijningen jr., from directing commercials for Samsung and Canal Plus to his own movie The Thing.

Ilaria Mangiardi

What does your brand sound like? A sneak peek into our process.

COO, MassiveMusic Amsterdam

A structured thinker answering unpredictable questions. This time we sit down with Moos Lamerus. But first, coffee.

Ilaria Mangiardi

Swapping pronouns, same-sex pronouns: should songs be open to everyone?

Our statement for LGBTQ History Month.

Cece Wyldeck & Lotte Sterk

‘Jambient, Vol. 1’ by MassiveMusic

We got together, set up a live jam at the office and started playing. The result? An ambient album made by Massivians.

Samuel Taselaar