The work of MassiveMusic

Nike Awaken the Phantom

A real honour for MassiveMusic to have worked on the music production for Nike's ‘Awaken the Phantom’ campaign.

 Nike Awaken the  Phantom

FOX Sports NL Rebranding

How do you take the established sound of FOX Sports and modify this fit for the newly revamped Dutch version of the channel?

 FOX Sports  NL Rebranding

The Sound of Validity

We brought to life the ancient philosophy of Wabi-Sabi and created a sound that could reflect the art of seeing beauty in the imperfect.

 The Sound  of Validity

The Sound of UEFA Europa League

As part of their refreshed brand identity, MassiveMusic creates an entirely new sound for the UEFA Europa League, a modern classical anthem that football fans can engage with.

 The Sound of  UEFA Europa League

Acciona A Better Planet

Here's how we reimagined Tears for Fears classic ‘Mad World’ to highlight environmental responsibility.

 Acciona A Better Planet

BMW Gender Equality

A powerful yet melodic composition for this BMW's commercial that sees Juliette Lewis delivering an inspiring gender equality speech.

 BMW Gender Equality