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Opa en Oma

For this heartfelt campaign, we re-recorded ‘Don’t You (Forget About Me)’ by Simple Minds and released a full-length track as Echo Room in collaboration with WYTIKI.

McDonald's: <br>Opa en Oma

The Sound
of RTA

Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority

RTA literally keeps Dubai moving. Here's why it’s important for a transportation company like RTA to have an ownable sonic branding strategy.

The Sound <br>of RTA

La Redoute:

Find out which song we chose for this campaign that tells the story of Lou, a teenage girl who is struggling to accept her stepmother.

La Redoute: <br>Lou


Scan the Spotify code on the latest blue stickers and you’ll be redirected to 5 different playlists curated by yours truly. They also include 5 remixes of Chiquita’s iconic jingle.


The World

feat. GODI J

Be real. Be creative. Be yourself. Our message-in-the-track for Gen Z, in collaboration with emerging artist GODI J.

ASUS: Wow<br>The World

The Sound
Of O2

MassiveMusic brings O2's sonic brand identity to life. A highly adaptive sonic ecosystem inspired by the breath we take right before we act.

The Sound<br>Of O2

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