An Interview with Emmanuel Adjei

On Combining Music and Film Craft

Emmanuel Adjei talks serendipity, storytelling and the music videos he directed for Sevdaliza and Madonna.

 An Interview   with Emmanuel  Adjei

Extinction Rebellion: One Lifetime

A track as immediate as its cause.

 Extinction  Rebellion: One Lifetime

Instruments for Change

Changing the World Through Music

Are you a DJ or music producer? Read about the sample pack that helps provide musical training in conflict-affected areas.

 Instruments  for Change

KLM: To More Memories Together

A modern classical atmospheric piano piece composed by Joep Beving and produced by MassiveMusic. Happy 100th birthday, KLM.

 KLM: To More  Memories Together

Bacardi: Sound of Rum

Rhythm perception and movement synchronisation to music: here's how we created Bacardi's Sound of Rum from the sounds recorded on set.

 Bacardi: Sound of Rum

The Sound of UEFA Europa League

A modern classical anthem that football fans can engage with as part of UEFA Europa League's refreshed brand identity.

 The Sound of  UEFA Europa League

The Sound of Philips

A breakthrough sonic identity captured by the sound of Philips' most iconic product: the lightbulb.

 The Sound of Philips

The Tampon Book

A rebellious soundtrack. A statement against tax discrimination.

 The  Tampon Book